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ezerd says: I really enjoyed Hanly's work. Exceptional color palette. Interesting visually. Hanly himself was delightfully personable.

Alethea-McElroy says: Alethea McElroy

isaiah says: Hanly Gunn creates a world which reaches from it's interior into the viewer. His joining of abstract shapes and specific iconography from his internal cosmos, including word play and repeating motifs, is a pleasure to behold.

asoutor says: Interaction/kinetic work and magical realism of found objects with your symbolism. Paintings have a subtle narrative linked to a spiritual-realism and super-realism in format. Loved the work, thank you.

madaskalewicz says: His body of work was by far the most cohesive, in-depth, and moving from all art that I saw that weekend

mwmankins says: Hanly Gunn's work is inspiring. It is about creating beauty from whatever you've got. It is about giving yourself to your art and having faith in the unknown. About living with faith in art. But, finally, it's just beautiful. It made my day, visiting his studio.

littlefish says: the see is rising for sure....thanks for reminding us Hanly