Artist Statement

Having grown up in India and Iran, child of immigrants from the Middle East, I am drawn to the motifs and colors of Islamic architecture, Indian textiles, and Persian carpets. This is the visual and cultural vocabulary from which I begin.

I paint in oils on wood panel layering many colors over one another, looking for transparency, brilliance, and depth. My conversation with the painting is physical and emotional, as well as visual, and continues until all the elements have reached the balance I am searching for.

The Guestbook

emily.goodman.965 says: I like the bright colors and Middle Eastern motifs in your work.

mlburke28 says: My husband, mom, and I all loved your work. So glad that we were able to discover you through GO Brooklyn Art!

lblyer says: I love the colors and patterns in Joelle's work. The compositions are very subtle.

artsiclefamily says: Joelle - It was great to meet you and have a chance to see your work this weekend. (I'm the girl who went weak at the knees at first sight of your work!). Look forward to staying in touch. Best, Alex (from Artsicle)

rcallinan says: I found your paintings lovely, quite spiritual.

jmanas says: I loved the fact that I saw many artist techniques in these paintings. It was modern and yet old school, like all the masters in one.