Artist Statement

I’m currently working on a series of still-life work. Wealth, class, religion, pop culture, status, power and history are but a few of the topics that arise in this work.
No photography is used in the production of this work. Objects are composed in order to create an idea of who would be the owner or consumer of the objects presented.
All works are painted with oils and on either canvas or linen.

Presented here are:



Breakfast of Champions
(Still life with fried bologna, scrambled egg, half a biscuit and orange drink),

2006 Oscars After-party, Best Original Song

The Guestbook

cosmeart says: You've been nominated! Congrats.

Angeline-Keller says: Mr. Sims paintings were so cool, realistic, and beautiful. Any questions my daughter and I asked her was willing to share.

spyi says: I loved the story your paintings tell, and you are also fun to chat with. Good luck!

mike.nemire says: Great work, Jeff, good luck!

besscohen says: