Artist Statement

My work is derived from the natural and industrial realms, and explores themes of survival, endurance and coexistence. I regard that testimony of subjects which speaks of their past, yet remains active in the present. I create sculptures which stand as solitary figures or among their respective tribes, and am influenced by observations in formations and geometric structure. Groupings of similar forms allude to congregation and communication. Color and beaded adornments further emphasize thoughts of individual "personage." These decorative elements are worn as ritualistic components.
Through drawing, sculpture and mixed, I am recording the path from origin to arrival.

The Guestbook

asoutor says: Elegant, strong totem structures that invite people into an area both clearly defined and open. Loved the new work, set of drawings that are meditative and visually rhythmic in form and space.

nawaaz.ahmed says: Minimalist totem poles, but with personality! Love how they seem to disappear from some angles, and how robust they seem from others.

eddie88 says: I believe Judy's artwork attempts to elevate the viewer to a higher plane, and is somewhat spiritual in nature.

wandie says: Extraordinary use of line and form. Really gets the essence of simplicity but complex at the same time.

sunfish says: interesting focus of line forms

mountain says: I'm intrigued by the serenity and spiritual energy in the work.

mikey says: Judy's work elevates the Spirit!

funkybeats says: I found the nuanced way of combining natural forms with delicate abstraction refreshingly honest and surprising. It showed a very studied and emotional innovation on ancient theme