Artist Statement

I have a wondering eye for shapes, textures and colors. I hunt and gather images from magazines and from my own environment. I use paint and brush to distort verisimilitude into abstraction. My paintings suggest portraiture and tell non-linier stories about identity and the subtle push and pull of femininity and masculinity.

The Guestbook

john.j.dessereau says: I loved his work-great color and brush strokes

martininfante says: It was an amazing show, I can't wait to see more of your work. I will see you at the Brooklyn Museum :)

bksoulfly says: Your an Awesome Artist and Entrepreneur. Keep it up!!!

Riszard says: Thanks for all the advice and info and the poster, your work is really amazing. Pleasure meeting you. Mexico.

timothywroten says: These trippy portrait paintings by Luis Martin bring to mind Feininger and the surrealists.

Aurock says: While I wanted more of an emotional draw in the pieces, I found Mr. Martin's aesthetic very pleasing.

max.melion says: Awesome work Martin!!!!!!!

rosemary.perez.319 says: Love you so fuck you! Lol I hope u win! Here's to bigger & greater things! ;-)