Artist Statement

Phillip Stearns uses electronics to create phenomenological works of light and sound. Deconstruction and reconfiguration are methods he commonly employs in his hands-on approach to working with electronics. Through the application of extended techniques for electronic media, the circuit is explored as a means for sculpting electricity. His creative praxis is aimed at revealing new materials for expression, and new paths for inquiries into understanding. In his work with technology, the machine is understood as the living manifestation of human intentions where the development and application of our technologies, machines and tools reveals our desires and dreams—both conscious and unconscious.

The Guestbook

fifteen15 says: Phillip Stearns is the founder of the Bent Festival, and I don't know any other artist that has worked harder to promote electronic media, hacking, and glitch aesthetics as art in the city today. His work is complex, yet understated, and very powerful in its delivery.