Artist Statement

I am fascinated with outer space, the immensity, the unknown, the potential and magic. I would never want to go to outer space, I'm afraid of heights -its simply the idea of it.
My current paintings have a quality of depth- of field, of space, information, and of materials. Since they are time consuming to make, with layers of imagery, they acquire a history and a narrative.
They have much in common story-telling and poetry. Layered imagery of places and events have many tangents but no linear narrative.
My decisions are based formally, compositionally and on what compels me.

The Guestbook

jsaunders172 says: painstakingly exquisite

Cleopatra says: Too much detail,no emotional impact for me

Garbeth says: I really love the stories you can see in each of the pieces, you can't stop looking at them...