Artist Statement

From time to time I think about the reason of my existence,
who I am, what I can do, how I am needed ...
Whenever I think of this, I feel unstable and unsteady.
At such time I feel like carving myself.
I have been carving self-portrait one by one mindlessly
for confirming my existence, as if some response
would be come out after completion.
At some time of losing myself in this life,  
I just feel so sure of standing on my own feet
when working on self-portrait.

The Guestbook

kmulvaney says: The gigantic wooden elephant is amazing. You can sense the tree it came from. Warm, huge, rustic, benevolent. Wow.

lynnbun says: I was impressed with Mr. Aono's proficiency in several materials and the presence of his work. The wooden figure, sans patina, was outstanding-- seeing the grain really adds to its impact.