Artist Statement

To find the gaps between looking and apprehending can become a game in visually creative work. To abide in those gaps can be a thrilling experience when one gives up expectations and simply finds the space to allow shapes and colors a wedded breath of composition and energy. In the end a balanced resonance becomes the goal and for me using a rich palette of historical and modern pigments is a fulcrum within which to appreciate luminous frontiers which arise in the psyche's ever-shifting fields.

The Guestbook

danalaventure says: These paintings deserve to get a lot more traffic than they did. John's awe-inspiring paintings turn the onlooker into a philosopher. These paintings arrive at shapelessness through structure, and they invite interpretation. John's titles allude to his influences, which range from ancient Indian thought through an intelligent reading of recent Buddhist art literature, and through his own experience as a guitarist. His explanations of his underlying thought processes as he mulls them over are incredibly inspiring -- you have to hear them!