Artist Statement

The work that engages me and drives me forward is powered by Black. In applying my research and interest for the history and traditions of Color Theory, Physics, Alchemy, Heavy Metal, Religion and Mythology I am working toward a comprehensive understanding of the interrelation of Black, Darkness, and Matter. A Black Singularity.

The Guestbook

gcsSUGAR says: I have been a long time follower of Vincent Como's artwork, and art making process. He is a prolific and dedicated artist. His ambition to endure the challenge to maintain a focus towards exploring Black as color and concept is intriguing and thought provoking. His determination is admirable. Though seemingly simple and straight forward, Vince's artworks are quite the contrary upon further investigation. The surfaces are rich with depth created by either glazes/varnishes or dry pigments, drawing you in and then, wanting to step back. Como's work is all the definitions of Black applied to canvass.