Artist Statement

My work is always about the impending transfer of nutrients, memories and histories, and life's acquisitions from another being's moment of death. It is about the slow and quiet respiration and decomposition of matter and evidence of material passage. Each successive generation manifests and sometimes magnifies the previous generation's virtues and sins, a hereditary passing on of information.

The Guestbook

naomic says: When I visited Yeon JI's studio, I was amazed by the sheer amount of work as well as the diversity of the work that she had. From various installations, to drawings her unique style and very vivid vision said in her artist statement.

vix.dower says: thought work was both delicate and strong and the same time. really liked how all the pieces shared a common narrative without being repetitive

babybudsomney says: sculpture and installations are most interesting in my opinion I felt that Yeon Ji Yoo's had alot of depth and she varies her work dad there is a dark but natural feeling that is given offf

e_hassan says: Awsome Work says: Good stuff!!