Artist Statement

My artwork entails various genres, utilizing diverse techniques. With nature being the ideal teacher, some of my artwork depicts serene seascapes and intricate landscapes. By combining light and shade with rich hues in harmony, my still-life artworks are able to convey sensations of the objects used as alive and full of freshness. My portraits are able to exhibit emotional sensation through the various line thicknesses and complementary colors that comprise the subject’s facial expression. Moreover, my mix-media works are unique, for I use dry-leaves that bring life as well as texture to the artwork.

The Guestbook

Saveliy-Kelebeyev says: From all the works I have ever seen, her work utilizes a novel technique that is a must see! The way she utilizes thickness of the paint gives her work depth as well as texture.

lyuda says: Her work is a truly inspirational!

cavka says: Her work left me speechless! I was blown away by the amount of detail her work possessed.

lily says: The artist has a unique style of the still life and her outstanding skills in many types of art are reflected in every composition.

MarinaL says: Zinaida is a talented artist. Her artwork is breathtaking in its detail and subject matter. She is a true inspiration.

alla.baksanskaya says: Zinaida created her own style, especially it is visible in the still life art works! Her paintings look alive, unbelievable sensitive, fragile, very detailed and understandable for any visitor. Her art is a special world with amazing and breezy atmosphere... Alla Baksanskaya

yevgeniya says: So gentel, so light works!